Indoor environment

Building Integrated Greenhouses

Various projects and studies are carried out, especially with the Lateral Thinking Factory and EPEA.

These vary from residential buildings via offices to retail and industry.




Cradle to Cradle® collaboration

Cradle to Cradle® collaboration

Many relations exist with Cradle to Cradle® in general and with Michael Braungart in person:

Professor at Delft University of Technology

Professor at TU Delft

As of August 1991, Peter Luscuere is professor Building Services at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Architecture.

His chair is within the section of Climate Design as part of the department Architectural Engineering and Technology. 




Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum

Het Nieuwe Rijksmuseum

Renovation of the Rijksmuseum in a vof between Arup and RTB van Heugten.